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How Much Money Are 1,000 Views Worth On Medium?

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There’s a broad spectrum.

A new writer shared with me:

“Every time I publish a story, I hope it makes me at least enough to buy myself a coffee.”

I totally feel this! I felt the same when I started writing on Medium.

But should you try to get as a lot of views as possible? Is views the right metric?

How much money are 1,000 views worth on Medium?

Higher-viewed stories typically generate disproportionately more money.

This indicates that a single story with 1,000 views will almost always generate more revenue than two stories with 500 views each.

This is due to the fact that later views are always valued more than earlier ones.

If I check my 1,000 views stories, it’s between $3 and $100.


It’s not the views that matter. It’s the reading time by Medium members.

Learn more about how Medium calculates your earnings:

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