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How Much Money Does Medium Pay Its Writers?

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Spoiler: It’s absolutely worth writing on this publishing platform.

I started my writing journey in December 2020 and earned $0.17.

I have now published over 1,000 articles on Medium.

In 23 months on this platform, I’ve earned a nice five digits income from the Medium Partner Program and $1,050 in bonuses.

This is the #1 lesson I’ve learned:

You need to…

  • consistently publish content (1–7 articles a week ) to show up and get views from Medium members
  • post helpful and insightful content
  • write for your audience

The occasional hit might come but it will take a while

Some writers experience major hits and earn $2,000 or even $20,000 with one single story.

S M Mamunur Rahman from Bangladesh made $20,000 with his story about Elon Musk.

He emphasized:

“(…) no one can write an article and be sure that it’s going to be a hit.

I wrote 27 more stories in that month and most of them didn’t get me even 5 dollars. Even a lot of my 253 stories written in the last 1.5 years earned me less than one dollar.”

Here’s the full story.

You need to write consistently to make money

You need to keep the hula hoop spinning to get rewarded by Medium’s algorithm. Your earnings increase as soon as you publish a new article.

Still, the majority need to write consistently over a long period of time to make money.

Generally, there are three milestones:

  • First, you earn your first $1.
  • Second, you join the $100 only 6–8% of writers are in.
  • Third, you join the $1,000 club.

1 — You’ll scale your first $1

Your first milestone is to earn your first dollar on Medium.

Then you can take that dollar and scale it.

$1 is becoming $10.

$10 is becoming $100.

2 — You’ll join the $100 club

The so-called $100 Club is a club only 6–8% of Medium’s writers are in.

Meaning only a handful of writers earn $100 per month.

I made my way to the elite club in the summer of 2021 — without knowing that $100 is a magical threshold.

Back then I only had around 500 followers.

Stripe summary May 2021, as a newbie, 6 months on Medium

Take the quiz to find out how likely it is to join the $100 club.

3 — You’ll make $1,000 per month

One year ago, I shared a story where I explained how I jumped from zero to $500.

This year, I can proudly share with you, that I jumped from $500 to $1,000.

I’ve learned from the mistakes I made and shared my story here.

Success Stories from other (new) writers

F. Leonora Solomon — the first dollar is the best one

Katherine Grace — Crossed the $100 mark twice

Emma Colsey-Nicholls — Joined the $1000 club and try to stay in that bracket

Jenn Leach — Why not $50,000?

Bottom Line

Why not try to double what you earn now 12 months from now?

Everything you put out there is a seed. It takes its time to grow and bear fruits.

Keep at it.

It’ll pay off if you keep going at it.

I’m curious. What milestones have you reached so far?

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