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How Much Money Is in The Pot For Medium Writers in 2024?

  • 1 min read

Spoiler alert: It’s impressive.

Often I get asked how many $$$ are in the pot for writers.

Here’s what you need to know from a business perspective.

Medium operates on a “freemium” subscription-based business model.

After the company’s CEO bemoaned the drawbacks of employing an advertising approach and pledged to give freelance authors more authority, it shifted to this business model in 2017.

Writers can post as many stories as they like for free.

However, the moment they want to get paid for their work they need to join the MPP, the Medium Partner Program.

A Medium subscription costs $5 per month or $50 per year in exchange for access to all content published on the platform.

It’s this fee that is used to pay writers who monetize their work.

Let’s assume most people take the $5-a-month option and come and go.

5 x 12 = $60

$60x 1,000,000 =that’s $60,000,000

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