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How Much TikTok Pays You For 7.5M Views

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What do you think?

Have you ever wondered how much TikTok pays its creators for gaining millions of views?

On Twitter, I came across Luke Miani.

He’s big on YouTube with long-form videos and is repurposing his videos into shorter videos on TikTok.

His goal is to attract people that aren’t willing to watch a long-form video.

Well, *the internet brain* is really a thing and people’s attention spans are lower than those of goldfish.

It’s definitely a smart strategy and he’s rocking it on TikTok.

Lately, he got 7.5M views, 629K likes, and over 5K comments for one engaging TikTok video.

Guess how much he made?

Whopping $3.95.

Luke Miani Twitter

His readers added context information, which shows he should earn at least around $200 for this achievement.

TikTok needs three days to calculate earnings.

$200 isn’t that much for the massive amount of views. What do you think?


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