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How My Student Got Featured In One Of Medium’s Biggest Publications

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and how to write a story as a new writer that will get accepted too.

Publications on Medium can give you the leg up you need.

They can be the key to success on this platform.

Unfortunately, several top publications closed their doors.

For many (new) writers, it’s their dream and ultimate goal to have their articles published by Medium’s biggest publications — such as Writing Cooperative, Better Marketing, or Curious.

Unfortunately, P.S. I love you, The Ascent and Post Grad Survival Guide , Modern Parent, The Traveler’s Blog closed their doors a few months ago.

Still, there is one Medium giant who is truly one of Medium’s flagships

Start it up! (Formerly The Startup)

They have over 10 million monthly readers.

As you can see below, Top writers such as Zulie Rane or Tim Denning publish their articles several times a week in this one big publication:

⭐No matter what’s your dream publication reach for the stars

In my Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp, I pulled back the curtain on how to get accepted in the publications of their dreams.

I shared with my student Vishal Mehta and my other boot campers actionable tips and strategies.

If you hadn’t had the chance to join my Boot Camp, here are my…

Top 3 Tips

  • 1 Read the Submission Guidelines thoroughly to know EXACTLY which types of articles the publication of your dreams does accept
  • 2 Read a lot of articles before you write your story and submit it to your dream publication.
  • 3 Write a nice email or leave a nice comment when you fill in the form to get accepted as a writer plus leave a private note once you can submit a piece.

What are you waiting for? Put your vision into action, new writers!

When you want to get featured specifically by Start it up!, you have to say YES to these 4 questions:

  1. Is your article about self-help for creators, informative essays or first-hand lessons?
  2. Does your story help individual entrepreneurs or creators get smarter at building their thing?
  3. Do you know WHY your reader should read your article?
  4. Does your story have eye-opening insights?

My student Vishal Mehta checked all these boxes… got accepted and did his happy dance:

Do you need some inspiration to take action, new writer?

👇YES! Here’s my student’s article for inspir-action!

…and my latest story in Start it up!👇

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