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How Not To Get Your Butt Kicked By Medium’s New Changes

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and stay afloat.

Attention, in this short and sweet article, I’m going to drop some news bombs.

💣#1 Medium’s new CEO will raise the bar

Some applaud others leave. Is this news to run away or to stay?

I think it’s definitely a reason to stay and to see…

  • what Medium sees as quality content and what not
  • which stories we’ll get recommended
  • and which of our stories will get curated and proven as *GOOD* by Tony and his team.

💣#2 Less Curation

Medium already changed the process of curation a bit.

There are humans who pick stories as well as AI.

Tony said that too many stories are getting curated and distributed on the Medium network.

Probably, fewer of your stories are getting curated in the future.

💣#3 More power to the pubs

There are 10 Top Publications on Medium.

Tony Stubblebine owns 3 of them. Better Humans, Better Marketing, and Better Programming.

Tony likes the bigger and well-known publications and he wants to support them and their writers more in the future.

Here are the Top 10:

💣#4 Medium loses members and readers

I broke down the data in a recent story.

To sum it up: Medium is “dying” day by day and second by second.

SEM Rush; Joe Moody

Here’s more:

💣# 5 Apparently, high-volume pubs aren’t Tony's favorites

With the announcement of the “true follow feed” he also said there are some high-volume pubs that rule the feed.

For Tony, these are publications that publish too much and curate too less.

There used to be a History of Yesterday. Apparently, Medium didn’t like their stories so there were ongoing issues between the owner and Medium.

So, History of Yesterday, with more than 2 million views per month, closed its doors and the owner now offers stories on his own domain.

Then there is Illumination. Dr Mehmet Yildiz told me that the views are up. At the moment, everything seems to be fine, who knows what the future will bring.

Another pub was Coffee Times. This publication got banned from the platform because of an awful hate post that was accepted into the publication. Coffee Times was also a high-volume publication.

Here’s what you can do to not get your butt kicked by Medium’s latest changes:

🧭#1 Tip — Educate yourself


Tony will raise the bar, so watch his interviews, and read his stories to know what *he* thinks is quality content on Medium.

If you want to become a better writer, Tony shares:

  • take your time
  • research has to be better
  • more in-depth
  • more life experience
  • oh… and if you’re an expert in a specific field, get ready to share your expertise… Tony will love you
  • if you’re not an expert but interested in a specific topic you’ll become one by writing about this topic over and over again

Here’s more:

🧭#2 Tip — Join the Big Pubs


Try to become a writer in Medium’s bigger publications.

Here’s a list.

Pick one and follow my lead to get published.

Chances are high that your stories will get curated in these pubs.

Some even talk about some kind of “automated curation” because Medium works closely with pubs such as Mind Cafe.

They trust their editors for picking the best quality work.

So once published in a bigger pub, you could automatically be curated (and your following stories as well).

Here’s more:

🧭#3 Tip — Watch the publication landscape


Publications come and go.

I really hope Illumination will stay as it is and Medium won’t intervene.

Illumination is a great pub for new writers to test the water. You can publish almost everything and Illumination built a huge following, has a Substack Community, and loyal editors.

So once the time has come, support Illumination in case it should be necessary!

🧭#4 Tip — Start your own website with a blog


I’m in the middle of starting my own website.

Not to leave Medium but to select specific stories and take them to my own blog.

On the website, I can showcase the publications I’ve published, republish my Medium articles, and link to all of my socials.

This site can become your hub on the internet. If you publish on a regular basis on Medium you can also republish your pieces on your own blog.

Google will love you for your consistent content and within 4–6 months will show your stories in the search.

Oh, and it’s pretty easy to export all of your stories!

🧭#5 Tip — Read the Curation Guideline


Here’s my general 3-Step-Plan to get curated on Medium:

1 — Check out my Curation Checklist.

2 — Keep curation in mind and pump out quality content — over and over again.

3 — Focus on the important elements of your writing as shown in the Checklist.

Here’s more:

🧭#6 Tip — Keep on keeping on!


…and have fun!

I’m curious. What do you do to not get your butt kicked by Medium’s changes?

© Kristina God

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