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How Often Do The Most Successful Medium Writers Post Per Week?

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Success comes with quantity.

There are several top writers who write 1 to 2 stories per week but even Medium superstar Tim Denning posts several times per day.

This way he has already written over 2,000 stories.

He’s one of the most successful writers on Medium.

Recently, I got asked why pumping out content on a regular basis is so important.

The simple answer is: Medium’s algorithm is hungry. It wants to be fed with yummy new stories.

The most successful writers on Medium such as Zulie Rane, Sinem Günel, or Ayo Awosika, know about this.

Another good question is:

WHAT are they writing about?

Check out Tim Denning’s stories and you’ll see…

  • self-help
  • self-improvement
  • growth
  • online business

These are topics that are popular and attract a lot of people.

Additionally, relationship topics are booming.

In this funny list below you can learn more about Medium’s Top 10 Writers:

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