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How The Ending Of Stranger Things Can Increase Your Earnings Big Time

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You could even make $7,000 with one single story.

I’m an experimental Medium writer.

I have the heart of a writer and the passion for figuring things out as a professional marketer.

So within the last past months, I’ve experimented with timely news hooks.

What are timely news hooks and what do they have to do with the Netflix series Stranger Things?

Timely news hooks are powerful.

It’s the peg that makes a story idea timely and draws in the audience.

After sharing: This Writer Made $7,000 from a Single Article by Making Use of a Timely News Hook, I started using more and more timely news hooks.

Examples of utilizing timely news hooks within the last past months:

  • Taylor Swift + doctor title
  • New study + engagement rings
  • Oldest Miss America + suicide
  • Elon Musk + richest man in the world
  • and… Stranger Things + Running Up That Hill #1 song

These examples show shows how powerful news is for your writing success.

Everyone loves news.

It definitely grabs attention.

Especially, if it’s a human interest story that includes emotive content.

$7,000 from one single story

The writer who inspired me to experiment more with timely news hooks is Abena Talks.

She had significant monetary gain from the Will Smith slap and earned $7,000 from one single story.

My strategy is to attract Referred Members

As far as I’m concerned, my strategy is to embed my Referral Link at the bottom of my stories.

  • This way, I can gain new Referred Members (I gained 2 new referred members in June and 3 in May) from the external views that are coming in from Google.
  • Additionally, the skyrocketing views show Medium’s algorithm that my stories are relevant. It will show them to more people on Medium.
  • This way I also can increase my earnings. For instance, when an external reader becomes a paying member within 30 days after reading my story I earn.

Where do the external views come from?

If it’s a trending topic, people will Google it and come across your story.


Final Takeaways

Timely news hooks such as the ending of the Netflix series Stranger Things definitely can help to boost your views and income.

The key to making money with trending topics is to stay on top of them and incorporate the news into your stories.

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