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How To Add Audio To Your Articles With SoundCloud

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Tune in! For the first time, you can listen to my voice.

Medium’s next big thing will be audio.

With the acquisition of the audio learning platform Knowable Medium will evolve beyond words.

When I shared this news a few weeks ago, I have noticed that the opinions about adding audio to our static posts diverge:

Some love it. Some hate it.

I think, when we’ll have the opportunity in 2022, we should all take the leap of faith and give audio a try.

Or do you hesitate because you’re afraid to share your real voice with the world?

You don’t have to be.

I’ll give you several examples of Medium writers who already offer their followers an audio experience.

There are people among our readers who also are audio learners.

For instance, Jeffrey Kass, who is Top Writer in #Diversity and #Racism, recently told me he learns most effectively by listening.

credit: GIPHY

Unlike reading an article on Medium — that demands complete visual attention and focus — audio can be consumed passively.

This behavior is increasingly becoming the norm.

Warren Shaeffer from Knowable, has revealed in an interview with TechCrunch:

The number one reason that people say they listen to podcasts is to learn new things, and Knowable and Medium are pioneering a new audio experience to better serve this need, for both creators and listeners alike.

What’s Knowable?

Image Credits: Knowable

Knowable in a nutshell:

  • audio learning platform
  • ad-free and screen-free experience
  • provide educational audio made by experts, academics, storytellers, and thought-leaders

Benefits vs. concerns

Do you wonder whether you, as a writer, can take the leap, and jump right into the audio world?

Let’s make a post-leap cost-benefit analysis:

Major concerns:

  • What if my voice sucks?
  • What if people will hate the vocal part of my personality?
  • What about the tech? I get already tech headaches!

Post-leap rewards:

  • people love your voice
  • your audience can consume your content passively (while doing the dishes, folding laundry, driving, at the gym, out for a walk)
  • you can build and grow your brand (recognition)
  • you grow your on-the-go audience
  • you can better connect with your audience
  • you can win your audience’s audio attention

If you say:

YES I want these rewards now, in 2021, and I think my concerns are manageable!

I’ll show you in this article how I created an audio file with SoundCloud and how you can do it too and I swear the tech headaches stop right now.

Add audio to your articles with SoundCloud

Based on my latest article about the future of Medium, my boot camper Nancy Blackman took the leap of faith and recorded her first audio file.

It was so exciting to listen to her beautiful voice.

credit: GIPHY

Click here to listen to her track based on her article The Joy of Learning How to Wait in a Season of Chaos on SoundCloud.

Moreover, you can listen to fellow writer Carrie’s articles here.

SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform and music-sharing website based in Berlin, Germany.

Since Nancy, as well as Carrie, recommended SoundCloud, I thought I’ll give it a try too.


  1. Go to (no affiliate link) and open an account via Google, Facebook, Apple, or by typing in your email address. I signed in via Google.
screenshot by Kristina God

2. Type in your personal data and then you’re already all set!

screenshot by Kristina God

3. Click on Upload.

screenshot by Kristina God

Recording of audio file

Create an audio file by simply recording your Medium article via your smartphone or, if you want to do it more professionally, via audio software such as the app Audacity.

Audacity (no affiliate link) is an open-source, cross-platform audio software and pretty easy to use.

Just download it, install it, and then get started.

screenshot by Kristina God

Make sure the correct microphone is selected and press Record.

screenshot by Kristina God

The benefits:

  • You can edit your audio recording
  • and even reduce noise (my crying baby who doesn’t want to sleep. lol).

Once your audio file is ready, you can upload it on SoundCloud.


  • You can embed a track player at the top of your Medium article.
  • If your track is private, you can send a secret link to your network.
  • You can share your tracks on socials like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.


Now you can experiment with audio before Medium will announce its new features in 2022.

Audio can be scary at first — but after a while it becomes almost second nature. Jameson Steward, podcast host

Click here to listen to my voice:

If you like to read my post, such as Cosette Ubik, here’s my article in Start it up!

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