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How To Apply Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 5 Rules Of Success To Your Writing

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#3 Make the time

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a legend. A few years ago, I read his biography and it changed my life.

Here are 5 rules we can apply to our lives as writers:

#1 — Develop your hunger

Embrace the challenge. Embrace the bumpy road you’re traveling at the moment. Be hungry for new challenges!

#2 — Go through the pain

Every struggle develops strengths. Writing online feels so dang hard. It can be painful. Go through the pain and don’t give up.

#3 — Make the time

Yes, you can MAKE the time to create the life of freedom you’re thriving for. There’s plenty of time, for instance, in the evening.

Replace binge-watching Netflix with writing.

#4 — Find mentors

Mentors motivate, give advice, support, help you to focus, and become clear about your goals.

👇Learn how I make time👇:

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