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How to Automatically Format Your Medium Headline Like a Pro

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It’s just one click.

Preparing an article to submit to a publication is super exciting because you don’t want to get rejected.

From an editor friend of mine who’s responsible for a big Medium publication, I know that he’s often so busy that he simply checks the headline

of a submitted story.

If the headline isn’t properly formatted… he’ll reject the story.

So the harsh truth is…

no matter how great your content is, you’ll get rejected if your headline isn’t in APA-style title case.

Here’s an example:

“This Is a Great Article to Get Published”

In AP-Style, “to” and “a” are not capitalized, but the other words are.

Convert your headlines with one click

No worries!

To save you a lot of time and energy, I recommend a smart title capitalization tool called Title Case Converter.

This handy and free converter automatically formats your text into title case.

Other smart tools:

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