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How to Be a Medium Top Writer (in 1 Hour Per Day)

  • 2 min read

It’s super hard but also really fun

I’m one of those Medium writers who are writing alongside their job and family.

It’s super hard but it’s also a lot of fun.

In about one hour of work per day, I’m making about $1,000 with Medium part-time.

Additionally, I’m getting several Top Writer badges per month because I’m very prolific.

How do I manage work, family, and Medium?

Here’s my exact blueprint:

  • I dedicate about one hour per day to writing on this platform.
  • I write 1–2 short form posts and submit them to The Shortform managed by Jonathan Townend, RMN.
  • Somedays I batch create as many shorties as I can. Somedays I don’t write a post at all
  • BUT I’ve got a pipeline of short form posts that are scheduled for times when I simply can’t make the time to write.

You’re a part-time writer with only 1–2 hours per day looking for more inspir-ACTION?

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