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How To Build The Right Kind Of Following

  • 1 min read

Without playing games to grow.

If you want to grow the right kind of following on Medium — without playing the follow/unfollow of follow-for-follow game, here are some super simple tips:

👍Ask yourself:

What gifts do I have that can solve a problem for them, make their life easier, or simply add joy to their lives?

👍Ask your audience:

“How can I serve you better? Which stories are you interest in?

👍Every post you share should:

educate, inform or inspire.

👍Make a plan

Even if it’s just a little something you wanna try in the next weeks, write it down in your content calendar.

👍Show up

Just write and show up for the people who need your stories and insights.

👍Find your niche

It’s not simple to determine your niche. That’s why it’s important to write about various topics first.


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