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How To Create A Collage On Medium and Style Your Story

  • 3 min read

You need to know this super cool trick from one of my students.

I just love my circle of writer friends, students, and followers on Medium.

Medium’s heart and soul are its beautiful people.

Yesterday, I saw that my student Charisse Tyson mentioned me in a story where she shared a wonderful collage arranged in the editor on Medium.

You might think:

Wait, what? A collage?! I’ve never heard of this.


Me neither! Apparently, Medium’s editor and the toolbar aren’t as *limited* as we might think.

That’s why I want to share this awesome trick that helps you style your story in an instant.

Create a beautiful collage by adding multiple photos

My student Linda Locke now teaches others how to use Medium.

To be honest, this is the BEST feeling for a “mentor” (someone who knows a little bit more than you). I’m really proud of Linda!


How cool is it that the “teacher” learned something new from one of her students? haha!

So here’s Linda’s instruction:

  • Place your cursor on a blank line and click the + icon. Then select the Camera icon:
  • Navigate to the folder on your PC where your images are located.
  • Hold down the Shift key and select multiple images…
  • and then click Open.



Here’s my colorful island life collage for you:

🌟Hey, you! Feel free to share your collage with me, Charisse Tyson, and Linda Locke by tagging us. Simply use the @ and our names, for instance, @kristinagod.🌟

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