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How To Create an Account on Substack — 100% Free

  • 2 min read

Series: How to start writing on Substack

An easy and quick guide to creating your newsletter on Substack

If you’re somebody who loves to write online you should be on Substack.

I’ve been writing on this platform for 9 months now and think it’s brilliant. That’s why I started this short and sweet Substack series on how to get started.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a newsletter on Substack, here’s how to create an account in the first place and get started:

1 — To sign up simply go to the Substack website and click on the Start Writing button.

2 — Now you can create an account using your email address*.

*My tip: If you are planning to create a successful newsletter business you should consider using a new and unique email address. Why? To keep your newsletter activities separate from your personal life. So I use a specific business email address for my Substack via Google.

3 — Type in your name and write 2–3 sentences about yourself for your short biography which you can edit at any time.

Once you have completed the signup, you’ll be prompted to create your Substack publication.

Get access to the full “How to get started on Substack” series:

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