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How To Create Something BOMB

  • 1 min read

Learn the magic ingredients.

Attention: If you read this one of your next articles could go viral!

In the last past few months, I had several viral hits — meaning 25K+ views.💣

Burk Yana Bostongirl as well as Jenn Leach and Abena Talks also have experienced a few hits so far.

But today I want to celebrate WrittenMastery’s first viral story with…

  • around 15K views
  • $550 earned so far

What you need to know about the writer

  • He’s a consistent writer which will soon cross the 1K-follower-mark.
  • He’s writing about technology, self-improvement, and life lessons.

How to create something BOMB

WrittenMastery analyzed his viral hit and found 3 magic ingredients:

3 —⚡ The headline needs to promise a benefit.

2 — ⚡The subheadline has to be short, sweet, and to the point.

1 — ⚡Always deliver on the promise you’ve made.

Check out this analysis of a BOMB story💣:

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