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How to Cross-Post a Fellow Writer’s Story on Substack

  • 1 min read

Help each other and grow mutually.

More Medium writers join Substack.

In my latest newsletter issue, I shared the journey of how I went from zero to 1,000 subs within 5 months.

My value-packed story inspired many Medium writers to…

  • start their own newsletter
  • keep at it
  • mutually grow together

In regard to the last point, I offered on Medium as well as on Substack to help fellow writers to promote their Substack newsletter within the next months.


Cross-promotion, recommendation, or mentions in my newsletter or a story on Medium.

Since I was asked how cross-promotion works, here’s a little tutorial for you:

  • Sign up on Substack
  • a — Click on the three-dot menu of the free post you’d like to share and select “Cross-post”.
  • b — Click on the Cross-post button found at the bottom of a post.

For more information check out this YouTube video or this story:

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