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How To Declutter Your Reading List To Free Your Mind

  • 2 min read

small habits for large success

You are using lists, am I right?

Today I want to share a secret with you. I had 5k stories bookmarked and saved in my ‘reading list’.

Since (digital) clutter increases mental overload, reduces our working memory and our ability to focus, I had to do something about it and gave my list a good dusting off.

Here are my lessons learned for you to tidy up your bulging reading list too:

  1. Yes, the bulging list needs cleansing! ✅
  2. Don’t be afraid to look at your reading list. ✅
  3. Select stories you want to (re-)read and link to in the near future and delete the rest. ✅
  4. MAKE the time, otherwise, your huge list can really get in the way of doing other important things on Medium.✅
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