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How To Discover Medium Writers You Already Follow On Twitter

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with this new Medium feature

Yesterday a new feature popped up on my Medium homepage.

It looks like this:

screenshot by Kristina God

In my latest article ‘Big Changes Will Be Happening In The Writers Community’ I already informed you about the future of online writing.

I revealed that there’s a broader shift happening all across the major content creation platforms and that I can see there’s a stronger connection evolving between Ev William’s former company Twitter and Medium.

Two features launched in parallel

There are for instance two new features that were launched in parallel:

And now there’s this new tool that makes it easier to find writers you already follow on Twitter. I connected my account to Twitter and found for instance Sophie Rose.

screenshot by Kristina God

Find people you follow on Twitter

If you click ‘Suggestions’, Medium shows you writers you may want to follow or already follow on Twitter but not yet on Medium.

screenshot by Kristina God

Connecting Medium with Twitter is beneficial

If you haven’t connected your Medium account with Twitter yet I really recommend doing so. I suspect, in the near future, Twitter will also reward its creators.

In general, it’s worthwhile connecting your account to Twitter in order to share your stories with the Twitter community too.

It’s really easy to connect with other writers, promote your content, and broaden your audience.

Thanks for making my words part of your day. I’m Kristina God, 10x Top Writer and one of Medium’s Top 2,000 Writers.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or additional information. If you want to learn more about writing on Medium be sure to sign up for my ‘Medium tips and tricks’ newsletter📨here📨

Let’s connect on Twitter, Medium, and Quora.

More information about the Game of Online Writing:

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