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How to Earn $25 With 150 Words on Medium

  • 2 min read

Attention, part-time writers. You don’t need to push out long form content to get paid

You definitely can make money on Medium writing short form.

Last month, I pumped out around 60 short-form pieces of 150 words or less.

I hear you!

“Kristina, Medium is about in-depth stories, personal anecdotes and tutorials.”

Sure, that’s what Medium prefers.

The truth is that we all love short and sweet content.

Especially as part-time writers with a job, kids, and other things to do, you often can’t sit down for hours and write (or read) an in-depth piece.

As soon as I realized I didn't have to force myself into writing long form content, I really felt relieved.

Sure! My stories won’t get…

  • nominated for a Boost
  • Boosted
  • chosen for further distribution

However, you can make $25 or even $100+ with 150 words.

People actually read your posts.

  • If 1,000 do, you can earn $25.
  • If 4,000 do, you can earn $100.

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