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How to Earn More by Doing Less When Creating Online

  • 2 min read

If this resonates with you, you got to read this tip by Patt Flynn that can add up to $500 to your business

Yes, please, Kristina!

If this was your reaction when reading the title of my post then this is for you.

No worries, it’s not clickbait. It’s a proven strategy.

You can earn more by doing less.

I recently attended a webinar hosted by Patt Flynn. Patt is a famous Smart Passive Income blogger and entrepreneur.

He shared that if you want to add up to $500 per month to your business, you should explore promoting products and services you don’t own.

“(…) that’s the average that I see people who do take action get”, Patt shared in the webinar.

Additional income is right there, we just don’t know it

If you become a connector and recommend products that aren’t yours when creating content online you can earn a commission.

Where to start?

Think about the tools you’re using, such as Canva for creating images.

Almost all tools offer affiliate programs.

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