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How To Earn Your First $100 On Medium

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Take action today and join the $100 Club this month with my proven 3-Step-Process.

I see it all the time.

New writers join Medium and are so pumped.

But when they check their earnings and see they only make little to no money in their first months on Medium… they call it quits.

What if there was someone who has gone before you and helps you?

Imagine this for a second: You’re a new writer on Medium but your stories get read, seen, and rewarded.

At the end of the month, Medium sends you a Stripe payment summary that looks like this:

100 on Medium

Why you’re not part of the exclusive $100 Club yet!

Did you know that only 6 to 8% of writers on Medium earn $100 per month and are part of “the $100 Club” as I call it?

I didn’t know this either when I was where you are now more than 1,5 years back.

Today I want to share with you how to make the platform instantly work for you and earn your first $100 with a little help from me (25x Top Writer, 5 digits online business owner)

Behind the scenes: The 3 hardest parts of trying Medium

First, let’s talk about the three hardest parts of actually trying writing on Medium as a newbie.

You wonder:

Ideas: What the heck do I write about and when?

Self-publishing vs. publications: Should I self-publish or submit my stories to a publication? And if yes, how do I become a writer for a publication?

Consistency: How can I build a writing habit and publish on a regular basis?

Well, my friend, it’s always easier when someone has gone before you.

So here’s my proven 3-Step-Process which will help you join the $100 Club on Medium and become one of the 6 to 8% who earn $100.

The proven 3-Step-Process

1 — Ideas

From experience, I know that overwhelm keeps new writers from winning.

My tip is to pick 1–3 topics you’re interested in, you’re passionate about or you’re an expert in.

Then make a list of ideas for each topic.

Don’t overthink this list. Just write down whatever comes to your mind. This can be a keyword or a headline.

Hint: Set the timer (10 mins) and write every idea down you have.

Once you’re ready, download my popular 1-Month-Content-Calendar to organize your ideas. Choose specific weeks and dates, for instance in combination with an Awareness Week or Awareness Day.

2 — Self-publishing vs. publications

Let’s face it.

Although I’m a fan of self-publishing and Medium supports the individual writer more, in general, if you’re a newbie and you publish on your own, you will most likely earn only a few cents. That will be it.

You deserve more, don’t you think?

Back in May 2021, when I earned my first $100 on Medium, I wrote around 20 stories. 10 out of them got curated. All of them got published in publications. None was self-published.

So when you’re at the beginning stage of your writing journey narrow your focus and apply to become a writer for publications that welcome new writers such as:

3 medium-sized publications:

1 Curious (44K)

2 Geek Culture (24K)

3 Change Your Mind Change Your Life (22K)

3 small but mighty pubs:

1 New Writers Welcome (12K)

2 Wholistique (4.6K)

3 The Shortform (4.6K)

5 upcoming stars:

1 Globetrotters (1.4K)

2 The Midform (1K followers)

3 Modern Women (700 followers)

4 The BADform (110 followers) new publication by Sally Prag

5 The Point of View (10 followers) new publication by June Kirri

My tip: Pick 1–3 publications, read their Submission Guidelines to know what they expect from you as their new writer, and apply!

Bonus tip: To become a Top Writer on Medium make sure to know which tags are eligible for Top Writer status.

  • You can add up to 5 tags (=labels) to your post that describes what your post is about.
  • Medium uses these labels to inform its algorithm on how to show content and organize it.
  • Combine Top Writer tags
  • with more specific ones.

3 — Consistency

Fast forward to today, my recommendation is to…

  • publish on a weekly basis, at least 2–3 stories, 8–12 stories per month
  • if you can, make writing a habit, and publish on a daily basis. Short form writing can be a great vehicle to get the writing hula hoop spinning.

The Shortform is a great publication to share your ideas in 150 words or less.

To not have this heavy lift of creating content every single day, my #1 productivity top is to power-batch create your content.

What’s content batching?

Content batching is a productivity technique. You create all your content during a set period of time.

How does content batching go?

  • Pick a specific day or maybe 1–2 times a week.
  • Make this (tiger) time your non-negotiable.
  • Sit down, and draft 2–5 articles at a time.
  • Focus your creative energy

Final Takeaways

Sometimes you just want to quit writing on Medium because you don’t see the monetary rewards you’d love.

I hope before you’ll do you read this story and apply my 3-Step-Process in August.

This way you can earn your first $100 in August.

Trust the process!

You can ask me anything! I’m listening and responding.

© Kristina God

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