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How to Engineer Your Success on Medium (Part-Time)

  • 2 min read

My unwavering commitment to consistency is my most valuable asset.

It’s so important to think about what actions as writers pay us back, feed us tomorrow and give us greenlights in the future.

Lots of successes I had as a product manager and online writer were engineered by habits and choices.

Throughout my entire career (15 yrs +) consistency helped me catch more greenlights.

Of course, there is crisis, hardship, and interruption.

But it’s part of our road trip to mastery.

It’s important to not let you slow down by red lights.

Embrace them and see them as part of your writing life.

You want more followers?

You’ll get more once your writing style improves and you find topics people like. These can be hidden champions such as true crime, erotica, or historical fiction stories.

You want more claps?

You’ll get more on your road trip to mastery but you’ll also learn that claps can be a vanity metric.

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