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How To Fast Track Your Success

  • 2 min read

when things feel tough, scary, and awkward

One of my secrets to success is to learn from those who have an online writing business (and lifestyle) that I aspire to.

I want to learn from their mistakes early so I don’t make them myself.

Here’s the deal.

Avoiding the mistakes of others won’t make you an overnight success — because so-called ‘overnight success stories’ typically are five or ten years in the making.

BUT they can make you a faster success story than most.


I made a list of my top 3 mistakes.

Here’s one of them:

⭕️Thinking that other people were judging me, worried about what everyone else thought, and giving in to imposter syndrome.

My hope for you is that you can avoid this mistake and my other 2 most common mistakes.

To fast track your success, read this:

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