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How to Find Your Writing Happiness and Satisfaction in 2024 (When You’re Sick of Algorithms, Likes…

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Embrace this principle of “investment without attachment“ and something magical happens.

I know some writers are sick and tired of Medium because of the boost, nommers, gatekeepers and uncle algo.

I also know that some writers are disappointed about Substack because it introduced social metrics, a recommendation engine, and some kind of “Twitter for writers”.

Writers feel anxious about posting and are wondering:

  • Is this story worth sharing?
  • Will someone clap, comment, share it?
  • Will I earn some dollars or only pennies?

If this sounds like you, I highly recommend reflecting on your writing of 2023 and the WHY behind it.

Do you do it for the money?

Are you looking for appreciation, attention, or fame?

Let “investment without attachment” be your guiding light to stay sane

As 2023 comes to an end, I want to talk to you about something that’s been a guiding light in my own artistic life and helped me to stay sane on this rollercoaster ride called “writing online”.

I like to call it “investment without attachment,” and trust me, it’s a game-changer.

Picture this: You’re an artist, a writer, a visionary.

You’ve got this burning passion for what you do, and you’re ready to pour your heart and soul into it. But here’s the twist — you’re not doing it for the fame, the fortune, or the likes. Nope, you’re doing it because you’re obsessed with the work itself.

Sounds radical?

This is the essence of “investment without attachment.”

It’s about committing to your craft, day in and day out, without getting caught up in the end result

It’s about tirelessly and doggedly pursuing your creative vision because you believe in it, not because you’re after some external validation.

In a world that’s all about the numbers and the accolades, we’re flipping the script. We’re shifting our focus away from the outcome and onto the work itself

We’re putting our energy into creating something that matters, something we can be proud of, something we can control.

When we embrace this principle, something magical happens.

We become liberated from the need for external approval. We’re no longer shackled by the pursuit of likes, shares, and applause. Instead, we find our happiness and satisfaction right there in the act of creation.

Imagine it as a journey through uncharted territory.

You’re not fixated on the destination, you’re relishing every step along the way. You’re open to exploration, experimentation, and growth. You’re resilient, unswayed by the fickle tides of recognition.

You find your bliss in the process, in the pure joy of creating.

You’re only human so of course you get jealous if someone grows rapidly and you don’t or earns more than you (or whatever makes you jealous).


You have to accept this feeling and let it go.

Similar to a panic attack where you can tell yourself:

“This too shall pass.”

Think of it as tending to a garden

I love gardening. This year I spent the whole summer in our garden.


Imagine you sow the seeds, nurture the soil, and care for the plants without obsessing over the number of blooms you’ll get.

You take delight in every moment spent in that garden, knowing that the harvest will come in its own time.

So, I encourage you to embrace “investment without attachment.”

Dive headfirst into your craft, focus on the work, and let go of the outcome.

Trust that in doing so, you’ll not only produce your best work in 2024 but also find profound fulfillment in your artistic journey.

How do you feel about this idea and psychological trick and writing online in general?

Warm hugs & Merry Christmas, Kristina

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