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How To Follow The Hummingbird Spring Migration In 2022

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from the Gulf Coast to Canada.

I truly love hummingbirds.

They are special and a joy to watch.

A lot of hummingbird lovers plant their gardens around these tiny birds.

They wait for them to come back every spring.

To attract and cater to the tiny birds, people have, for instance, a red plastic feeder with sugar water in their garden.

For hummingbird expert and Medium writer, Ann Christine Tabaka hummingbirds are very special.

Where she lives they start to appear between April and May.

She even has a Hummingway Crossing sign in her beautiful garden.

That’s why she shared how to follow the hummingbird spring migration in 2022.

There are two sites to follow the hummingbirds on their way from the Gulf Coast to Canada:

#1 2022 Hummingbird Migration Map

People report their sightings of the first birds:

#2 Journey North Maps

For more check out Ann Christine’s viral story:


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