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How to Get Featured In One Of Medium’s Biggest Publications

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This can make all the difference.

Publications on Medium can be the key to success on the platform.

For many writers, it’s their ultimate goal to have articles published by Medium’s giants.

Unfortunately, P.S. I love you, The Ascent and Know Thyself, Heal Thyself closed their doors a few months ago.

Still, there is one Medium giant who is truly one of Medium’s flagships:

Start it up! (Formerly The Startup)

They have over 10 million monthly readers.

When you want to get featured, you have to say YES to these questions:

  1. Is your article about self-help for creators, informative essays, first-hand lessons?
  2. Does your story help individual entrepreneurs/creators get smarter at building their thing?
  3. Do you know WHY the reader should read your article?
  4. Does your story have an eye-opening insight?

👇Yes! Here’s my article for inspir-action! 👇

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