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How To Get Published in Mediums' Biggest Publications (With Example)

  • 1 min read

A super simple and short guide.

On Medium, there are 10 Top Publications.

Let’s pick Better Marketing which Medium’s CEO owns to show you how you can get published in the big publication of your dreams.

First, go to the publication and find out where the Submission Guidelines are.

They include an overview of the topic areas, what types of articles they’re looking for, what they’re not looking for, and how to submit an article.

Click here to find them for Better Marketing.

Second, read through them and understand the purpose of the publication.

For Better Marketing, it is: Helping others to market better.

Walking the reader “through how you actually did it. This is the gold standard (…) experience-backed tutorials.”

Hold this in mind when you’re writing your first draft.

Third, check 10–20 articles and their headlines that have been accepted recently.

Last but not least, format your article properly and hit publish.

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