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How to Give Your Readers Free Access to Your Medium Stories

  • 1 min read

Here’s what you can do.

A few days ago, StrangeCash 👽asked:

“What d’you think about free-trial — should Medium offer it?”

Medium does offer a free trial. People can read up to three posts per month for free.

I don’t know about you, but I read at least 10 Medium stories per day… so 3 stories per month isn’t that much…

If people want to continue reading Medium will ask them to join and pay $5 monthly.

If you want to give readers free access to your stories, here’s what you can do.

Make use of the Medium friend link:

1 — Click the article you want to freely share.

2 — Click the three dots (lower right corner of your post)…or on the chain icon in the top right corner

3 — Click Copy Friend Link.

4 — Once it’s copied you can share the newly generated link to promote it and drive traffic to your story.


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