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How To Hack Medium’s Biggest Publications And Gain Access To The Most Valuable Data

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This hack is a game-changer.

Yesterday, I shared that I pitched a story to Start it Up (former The Startup) and now it has been published.

Wooohooo 🙂 It’s super exciting! This publication has 747K followers.

Have you already read it? Here it is:

Did you know that you can hack into every big publication to find out what resonates?

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Do you want to hack Medium’s biggest publications?

Alright! Your wish is my command.

Simply type in the domain of the publication you love, for instance, Start it up:

  • add: /archive
screenshot by @kristinagod
  • You get to the archive of stories published by Start it up. Sort by ‘most read’.


screenshot by Kristina God

You can dive into monthly archives by using the calendar at the top of the page.

You won’t believe it, but you can go back to 2013!

You can use this hack with every publication on Medium you like and where you want to read a story that resonates with the community.

By analyzing the articles you can get a sense of what makes an article successful.

What’s the publication of your dreams you want to get featured in?

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