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How To Harness The Power of Polarizing Content

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being a little bit more fearless and standing out

It wasn’t all that long ago that I lacked the confidence to write like no one’s watching.

Sharing my opinion only existed as a daydream.

Fast forward to today, you’ll see comments saying:

You say it like it is!

You’ll see articles by writers such as Scot Butwell about my personal brand.

Well, to create an online writing business that makes an impact you have to show and find your voice.

Many writers reach out to me and say:

But Kristina, I don’t know what to write about…

Here’s my recommendation.

Today, just write…

  • about what’s making you feel pumped
  • what’s making you angry or sad
  • what is something you've been dying to share with your readers
  • what are you fighting about with your husband, friends, or parent

I can hear you:

I’m afraid to share my voice. So many people share their opinion. Mine is lame. People will hate it.

Well, I’m sure at one point or another in your life, you’re bound to have said something to someone that they disagreed with.

That’s GREAT!


We all have got elements of our personality that are polarizing.

When you’re multi-tasking please come back to me here.

Because this is important.

Ask yourself this…

  • what point of view do I have that I’m scared to share?
  • who wants to hear this message?
  • who is the kind of people you want to be attracting?
  • who is my ideal audience?

You’ll realize that your voice is connected to your values.

I love to share with people that I care and show gratitude.

These values are connected to my personal brand.

I share what I love and don’t.

Moreover, I also dare to share pictures of myself and my family.

Personal photo Kristina God
photo credit by Kristina God

I share what I love and don’t.

Leaving the big apartment behind me that almost destroyed my marriage, selling almost everything, and moving to an island to declutter my life and have more time for the things I love

Some call me insane.

Others adore what I do and want to do similar things in life.

Polarizing opinions are the content that really helps you stand out from the crowd.

That’s just stuff that makes me really unique.

This makes all my writing things so uniquely Kristina at the end of the day.

If you want to binge-read 2 of my articles, here’s a selection:

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… you want some stats as proof (you know it’s easy to lie with (Medium) Statistics by simply changing some numbers in PhotoShop 😆😆 but I’m sure my friend Robert Ralph can confirm this one)

Stats page ahwoing 125 dollars.
screenshot by Kristina God

Yes, people read your polarizing articles.

Hearing about the challenges and snags as you try to get your voice heard let’s us all know that we are in this together (…) Yolanda Olivia Anderson

Yes, I want to polarize and show who I truly am

Photos of two young and chatming girls in beautiful dress and bright striped sundress, smiling and closing their eyes
People photo created by lookstudio —

If you say…

‘YES, I want to learn how to share my voice, dare to polarize and write stuff that makes me really unique!’

join my Boot Camp. I’ve launched it two days ago.

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I created my Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp to give you simple, actionable, step–by–step strategies to help you create an online writing business you’re proud of and that makes an impact.

Let’s get started.

© Kristina God

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