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How to Join Medium’s Referral Program and Start Earning Recurring Income

  • 2 min read

Simple step-by-step-guide for everyone who wants to refer a Medium membership

The other day, R C Hammond asked me how to get access to Medium’s Referral Program.

I showed how a writer got more than 60 referrals in one month based on a YouTube video she made. This inspired R C to also become a Medium referrer.

But where to start?

If you’re a paying Medium member you can access your individual referral link this way:

  • On your account, click on your profile picture on the top right.
  • Then click Settings from the menu.
  • Select the Publishing tab
  • Go to Promote Medium Memberships
  • Click on Share your membership referral page
  • Copy your membership referral page link
  • Share your referral link as a call to action at the bottom of your story

My tip

Also promote the Medium Membership outside of Medium, for instance on YouTube, Quora, Twitter, Substack, Vocal, NewsBreak, or TikTok.

My promotion triangle is Medium-Substack-YouTube.

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