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How To Join My Special Community For Medium Writers

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Make sure to get an invite!

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I’ve announced starting a community to help other writers.

Today, it’s about time to give you an update on the Medium community experience I’m creating.

This community experience is for every writer and creator who…

  • wants to start a new chapter in his life
  • wants to see an epic transformation
  • wants to feel read, seen, and heard
  • wants to connect with like-minded people with the same energy level
  • want someone who kicks them in the butt to keep the momentum going
  • want to keep the writing hula hoop going

Facebook is still powerful.

In one of his recent videos, Gary Vaynerchuk recommends being on Facebook (and YouTube).

According to Gary, Facebook is the best place to be at the moment.

Exclusive Facebook sites are booming.

Based on the feedback I’ve received from my subscribers and followers, I've decided to go with Facebook because most people are already there even if they haven’t used their account in a while.

Why I quit Facebook.

As a young adult, I had a Facebook account and was pretty active on the platform for a while.

When I worked as a PR and Marketing consultant, I had to be on Facebook A LOT because I had to manage the social media accounts of several famous brands and companies.

Then, when I became a travel influencer on Instagram, I also grew a following on Facebook but…

…to be honest with you, at some point, I just wanted to call it quits.

I had enough of Facebook and people showing me how *wonderful* their lives were to get divorced the next day.

Facebook thinks I’m a scammer.

For my business, I wanted to open a new account with my married name ”God” (yes, it is my real name! It’s British.) — without any connection to the account with my maiden name.

So far so good… but when I tried to create a new account… I got this notification:

Apparently, Facebook didn’t believe me that my real name was “God”.


So I had to send them my ID and answer some questions… to finally register. Yeah!

Instead of setting up my own account, the first thing I did was open a new community and get started.

Since I’m a busy working mom it will take a while for me to set everything, invite people to join me as moderators, add content, and so on.

Become a member by subscribing to my newsletter.

The Facebook community will be exclusive and invite-only.

This means that only those of you who…

  • are my referred members
  • have subscribed to my newsletter on Medium
  • have subscribed to my new Substack newsletter

…will get an invite as soon as the community experience is ready.

Pros and cons of my Medium and Substack newsletter.

If you’re already a subscriber, you’re totally fine and in! Yeah! Can’t wait to see you inside.


If you’re not a subscriber yet and thinking about which newsletter is the best option for you, here are the pros and cons:

  • Medium newsletter: You get an email whenever I post a long-form story (usually 2–5x per week; sometimes more or less because I can’t control when they get published). You won’t receive an email when I post a short form story! So your inbox won’t explode. haha.

✅If you say: “Alright, Kristina. Count me in!” Here’s the link to become a subscriber on Medium!

  • Substack newsletter: Two weeks ago, I launched my personal newsletter. 100+ people have already signed up for my weekly inspiration bombs. If you don’t have time to read, you can also listen to my voice.

✅If you say: “Alright, Kristina. Count me in!” Here’s the link to become a subscriber on Substack!

✅In case you’re not a paying Medium member yet and want to join, this is a win-win for you. Here’s the link to become my referred member!

See you in the exclusive community very soon!

Until then, know that I’m celebrating you.


The decision you’re about to make is a BIG deal (just like you!)

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