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How To Join the 10K Subs Club On YouTube in 2022

  • 2 min read

Lessons learned from a YouTuber who recently crossed the 10K threshold within one year.

When you reach the 1,000 subscribers mark on YouTube — as Medium writer Vinod Sharma did — it starts to get real fun on YouTube.

Vinod has clearly been making videos that work and he has an idea of what’s good for growing his channel.

When you cross the threshold of 10,000 subs — as my husband did recently — things are starting to get more serious:

  • You’ll get sponsorship offers.
  • You’re making decent money on the platform.

How to kickstart your success and join the 1K or the 10K club?

When you’re truly serious about YouTube, the very first thing you should upgrade is your audio.

  • Audio’s the most important part of video quality.
  • The key to good audio quality is your mic + a treated room.

Check out Patrick’s and Vinod’s channels:

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