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How To Make Your Medium Publication Open For Submissions

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Here’s a simple trick to add writers and editors and earn money in 2023.

At the moment Medium publications are on the rise.


Medium publications are shared spaces for stories written around a common theme, topic, or niche, usually by multiple writers.

In 2023, for the first time in the history of Medium, publication owners whose Medium publication is open for submissions will get paid!

Their editors too.

Many publication owners wonder:

“How to make my Medium publication open for submissions?”

Here’s a simple trick on how to manage your publication staff:

Once you’ve created your publication and customized it, you can add publication editors and writers.

⚡Keep in mind: your publication can have multiple editors and writers with different permission levels!

1 — ✔️Go to your Publication Page.

2 — ✔️Click the publication icon next to your profile picture/avatar.

3 — ✔️You can manage your publication staff from your publication’s Settings Page.

4 — ✔️Scroll down to the section People.

In this section, you can add and remove editors as well as writers.

5 — ✔️Add an editor or writer.

Simply type in the name/username of the person you want to add as an editor.

You can select it from the drop-down list.

Be sure to click Save to confirm your changes!


❓I can’t find the right person!

As the Community Manager of the Medium publication The Shortform, I added a lot of people.

Often you type in the name and don’t find the right person because he/she is using a different username!

If you’ve done a mistake and added the wrong person, now worry. You can remove the user by clicking the little x.

How can I see a full list of editors?

To see the full list of editors and writers in your publication, go to your publication’s About page by clicking the link in the footer.

On the About page, you can see the publication editors and writers.

❓What permission does an editor or writer have?

Once a user gets added to a publication, they will be given permission based on their role as editor or writer.

I love this overview of the different permission levels:

Get access to all of my stories and always stay up to date:

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