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How To Market Your Content

  • 1 min read

You need to amplify your story.

When you’re trying to handle the marketing of your content, it’s something for which you’re not trained.

Similar to writing online you don’t have to be a trained journalist to be successful, BUT it makes things a lot more difficult.

So here’s my offer. In this short form post, I’ll share with you some ideas to market your content.

Once read, take action and implement these ideas.



So here they are:

1 — Twitter: Connect Medium with your Twitter account and tweet your story.

2 — E-Mail: Use Medium’s friend link and share your content with your subscribers.

3 — Networking: Network with other writers in your niche (with more followers). Mention them in your stories. They’ll respond and mention you.

4 — Short form: Promote your long-form stories via short posts.

How do you market your content?

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