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How To Mention Another Medium Writer In A Post

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Medium’s mention feature allows us to endorse other writers.

I love to mention others in my stories and to help them grow.

Whenever I read an exciting story or hear about an awesome success, I share it with my audience by mentioning the author.

Since many writers don’t know how to mention other Medium members on this platform, here is how to do it:

How to hyperlink mentions in a post

It’s possible to hyperlink mentions of other Medium writers or publications in your own Medium posts.

Simply search and tag writers and publications within the Medium network from the editor using the “@” key, for instance, Anne Bonfert

It’s @annebonfert.

Simply click the name from the drop menu and the name will be added in green text.

How will I know whether I got mentioned?

You will be notified when the post is published.

I received this notification via email about Johnny Burger mentioning my story about short form writing:

This way I could clap and reply to his post.

Additionally, the bell icon will show you that you got mentioned.

How to NOT use the mentions feature

Just this week I’ve been mentioned in numerous articles that are of no interest to me or even relate to me. It’s driving me crazy!

Fair warning: There are a lot of (new) writers on this platform who excessively mention other writers. Why? This way they want to boost their article views and engagement (claps and comments).

Medium doesn’t tolerate harassment. Unfortunately, continuously mentioning certain writers is likely a violation of the Medium Rules:

Medium Rules

You could get banned for this behavior!

It’s a thin line between harassment and collaborating

On the other hand, I see a lot of writing prompts where people tag several other writers. So it really depends.

However, here’s an anecdote you can learn from:

When I started writing on Medium around two years ago, I used to take part in several challenges and mentioned certain writers at the bottom of my story.

Big Upgrades Will be Happening

Guess what? After mentioning them two to three times, they left a private note asking me to stop mentioning them.

Key learning: Don’t spam people! Don’t abuse the mention feature by continuously mentioning certain writers.

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