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How To Not Get Banned On Medium

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This Medium writer got banned. Don’t be that person!

“Your account is under investigation or was found in violation of the Medium Rules.”

Oh oh… If you get this specific message you have a major problem.

You have to stick to Medium’s Rules.

Otherwise, you can get banned from the platform.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of new writers who don’t know Medium’s Rules.

When I started 18 months ago, I didn’t know about them either!

A few days ago, I received a DM on Twitter from a fellow Medium writer.

This person told me the following:

I got banned (…) and they claim the ban is final. (…) I even apologize (although I am not really sure what for, lol) — they could care less, typical rote” copy and paste”.

Lately, I also saw several posts on Medium from writers who received a warning via email from Medium.

So, let’s dive right into the nitty-gritty and save yourself a lot of time and energy.

Learn how to NOT get banned on Medium.

Medium’s Rules forbid the following:

  • Threats of violence and incitement
  • Hateful content
  • Harassment
  • Privacy and Reputation
  • Restricted categories
  • Exploitation of minors
  • Promotion and glorification of self-harm
  • Duplicate Content
  • Spam or Site Misuse
  • Copyright and trademark infringement
  • Ads, Promotions, and Marketing
  • Embedded Content and Collection of Personal Information
  • Cryptocurrency Accounts, Posts, and Publications
  • Paid, automatic, bulk, or non-genuine interactions

Medium tracks all changes to the rules on Github:

If you feel like Kat Medium:

…now I’m definitely feeling like a naïve piece of white bread. I don’t even know what half those rules are referring to.

Please have a closer look at those Rules by clicking here:

Do you play by the rules? What’s your offense?

Let me give you some practical examples from the community:

The H word

I have always played by the rules here but got a warning letter that my account would be suspended if I had one more violation. My offense?

I mentioned the H-word in one of my responses to another writer. Discussion of this word and the I word in a positive light will get you a warning or banned. Bebe Nicholson

The C word

Julia Freeman, an anonymous survivor responded:

I am afraid to comment about my experience writing about something related to the c. I can’t wait until this situation is over.

What about Crypto and DESO accounts?

There are lots of crypto posts and publications, yet they are not be allowed? Confused. stated Mike Lewis and Mike Goldberg added:

What about DESO? There’s a whole Medium Writer’s community in DESO.

What Medium says about its Rules

That’s what Medium says about its Rules:

Our new rules (…)They’re about fostering a place we’re all proud of and want to come to every day to see what’s going on.

Speak freely, comment frankly, and respond sharply.

But treat each other well.

Who’s watching us? I’m not convinced anyone is watching.

Last year, I wrote a story about this topic and Daniella Gaskell responded:

I don’t know, I see a hell of a lot of posts that don’t play by those rules. I’m not convinced anyone is watching.

According to the writer who has informed me about the ban, there’s the so-called Medium Trust and Safety Team!

The team sent this email:

screenshot email; with permission by the banned Medium writer

Does it matter when you apologize?

Well, you can but as the banned writer stated:

and they claim the ban is final. (…) I even apologized (although I am not really sure what for, lol) — they could care less, typical rote” copy and paste”

Medium has the sole authority and final decision as to whether content or behavior violates our rules.

If they find your content to be a violation of site policies, they can warn you and suspend you.

In deciding whether someone has violated the rules, we will take into account things like

– newsworthiness

– the context and nature of the posted information

– the likelihood and severity of actual or potential harms

– applicable laws.

Violations of our rules may result in consequences such as account restrictions, limited distribution of your posts, and suspension of your account. Medium Rules

Stuck in the spam filter?!

If you feel like the writer who got banned:

…at least they should TELL me what I did wrong — rather than automated computer “broke policy” nonsense.

reach out to Medium’s Help Desk and open a ticket.

In case you receive a warning from Medium please keep this in mind:

Comedian Anthony C. Fireman stated:

That happened to me and I emailed them. They said I got stuck in the spam filter, and they released me. Not long after I was Reinstated.

Maya: Hotwife Next Door experienced it, too:

I got this message and was banned about 2 mos. into writing on Medium. Apparently, the offense was simply mentioning a swinger’s site by name. I had no hyper-link to it. I simply mentioned the name, and was banned the moment I hit the Publish button.

After several days they informed me I had been ,”Caught in the spam filter. Sorry for any inconvenience.” Maya: Hotwife Next Door

So the good news is:

Medium can release you!

Final Takeaways: Stay within the Rules — knock on wood

It’s always good to revise the Rules of any social media platform you’re writing on.

Of course, some of the above-mentioned Rules are pure common sense BUT as you can see from the swinger’s club example it really depends for instance on HOW you promote something or link to it.

My overall recommendation: Revise Medium’s Rules and don’t act stupid and get banned.

© Kristina God

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