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How to Not Get Boosted On Medium

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About forbidden story types and the use of AI

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you know that Medium’s biggest and most influential Boost is here.

CEO Tony Stubblebine shared that there are Medium writers experiencing up to 100,000 views.

“How big is the Boost? (…) we’ve seen Boosts between 500 views and 100,000 views. Our goal is that every Boosted story should get at least 500 extra views within the first week.”

WOW-worthy example with 19,000 views

Here’s a WOW-worthy example from fellow writer Jan M Flynn who was so kind to share this Boosted story with me via email:

photo credit: Jan M. Flynn, Boosted story in the publication Crow’s Feet on Medium

19,000 views and $700+ for one single story.

How amazing is that?

Boost with a big B — Bigger rewards and bigger hits

See it for yourself:

photo credit: Jan M. Flynn, Boosted story in the publication Crow’s Feet on Medium

Jan got 10,000 claps and 200 comments and, finally, the exposure she deserves.

I know that there are so many excellent new writers on Medium who are not getting the exposure they should.

Maybe you’re one of them and wondering what it really takes to NOT write a Boost-eligible story on Medium… then this story is for YOU!

I’m not kidding.

How to not get Boosted as a New Writer

Medium shared a very long list of what does NOT qualify for the Boost:

Violation of Medium’s Rules

❌Don’t create content that violates Medium’s Rules.

Write clickbait headlines or images

❌Don’t try to get more clicks by creating a clickbait headline.

❌Don’t use a clickbaity image (that’s new!)

Forbidden story types

These types of stories disqualify you:

❌Sponsored content, content marketing, or stories whose sole purpose is to gather signups/traffic

❌Crypto airdrops

❌Press releases

❌Non-English stories (Medium and its Community Curators can only review English stories at this time)

❌Erotica (this doesn’t mean you can’t get Boosted as an erotic writer, you simply have to use other tags than #Erotica and share softer (fiction stories) and no hard-core stories.

❌Inflammatory business reviews

No stories written about Medium called “meta posts” (This post won’t get distributed by Medium!)

❌Copyrighted images (original imagery is super. In general, you need to have the rights for the image you’re using and cite the source.)

❌Call-out posts

❌Dangerous, illegal, or harmful posts (e.g. Corona news without being an expert)

100% AI content isn’t Boost-eligible

There are an awful lot of new writers who have started writing their stories with *a little help* from their AI writing tools.


In February, Medium’s VP of content, Scott Lamb shared Medium’s new AI policy.

“We welcome the responsible use of AI-assistive technology on Medium.”

Lamb added:

“To promote transparency and help set reader expectations, we require that any story created with AI assistance be clearly labeled as such.“

Lamb also said that when Medium finds what they believe was written by AI and hasn’t been labeled, the story won’t get distributed at all!

This means your post can’t get Boosted.

Human Touch is missing

You also need to know that AI is missing the human touch. So you can ask ChatGPT for help but you shouldn’t publish a story that is written 100% by AI.

Ariel Meadow Stallings, Medium’s Director of Publication Relations, explained in our interview on YouTube:

“(…) The stories that really land both for us on Medium but also just the stories that perform well are the stories where you can really feel the humanity of the person writing the story”

Bottom Line

Now you know how to not get Boosted. But how to finally get seen and read by getting Boosted?

Learn more in my brand new video about the Boost with an interview with Ariel from Medium:

P.S. Grab the FREE *Get Boosted on Medium Guide* here.

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