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How To Not Get The Door Shut In Your Face Once Medium Is Gone

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Let’s talk about the backup plan if you were to ever lose your Medium account.

Imagine this with me for a moment.

You wake up.

You reach over to grab your phone to see what your sleeping self missed, and tap on Medium to do some scrolling.

But the app… doesn’t load.

The app just blinks and goes away.

That’s weird” you think.

No worries — you’ll just head over to Twitter to ask your fellow Medium writers what’s going on, just as last week when all of your stories suddenly were de-curated.

On Twitter you get a DM:

“Haven’t you heard? Medium is gone!”

Are you kidding? No way!” you think.

Super confused, you end up making some coffee and eating some cookies.

In the kitchen, you’re starting to googling to see what’s REALLY up.

On page one on Google you already see the mind-blowing news:

Medium is gone.

Tony Stubblebine was just a smiling puppet of Ev Williams, who decided to sell Medium and its staff to another publishing platform.

Medium employees have decided to stop working for Medium, packed their bags, and left the company altogether…. so there is no one left to take care of the platform… and that’s why it’s closed now.

What a nightmare!

Now let me ask you this…

Do you have a backup plan if you were to ever lose your Medium account?

I *know* the situation I proposed up there is pretty wild, but do you know what isn’t?

Let me give you some examples:

  • Banned: You could get (temporary) banned as it happened to Abena Talks Health or Winston with his publication Coffee Times.
  • Disabled account: From one day to the next, you simply don’t have access to your account anymore as happened to me a few months ago.

💡It was high-key terrifying and my personal lightbulb moment to have a backup plan.💡

  • Stolen personality: An impersonation spam attack is destroying your reputation on Medium, people report “you” although you’re not this person, and… you lose access to your account.

Additionally, accounts get hacked and much more.

We’re building our dreams somewhere we can’t control.

As much as I love Medium, when we build our businesses solely on this platform, we’re building our dreams somewhere we can’t control.

⚠️Our space and audience here are just rented.

  • It’s possible to build a really beautiful home on borrowed land, too — but at the end of the day, it’s not ours to own.
  • Medium owns your audience, not you.

Here’s what you can do: Your backup plan

There are two things to keep in mind:

1 — Email subscribers

First, invest in your email list! Grow your email list on Medium, Twitter, Substack… everywhere you can.

Your email subscribers are the only contacts you can take with you. You can’t take your followers with you. They are just a number.

To dig deeper here is more:

2 — Content Backup & Export of Data

Let’s today focus on the second thing to think about:

You need to make a backup of your published stories on Medium.

As I already shared with you, I had a lightbulb moment 💡when I couldn’t log into my Medium account anymore. Only with the help of my husband, I could manage to “hack” into my own account and share posts.

So I talked this through with my hubby and when I reached the milestone of 1,000 published stories I made a backup.

Here’s how to export your data:

Medium gives you the ability to export your personal data and posts as HTML files in a .zip archive.

  • Go on SETTINGS
  • Click on Download .zip
  • Click on Export to download your information.

You’ll get a notification saying:

“We received your export request. You’ll get an email with download instructions soon.”

Once you receive the email (it takes a while; check your spam folder too!) you can download the .zip file and export the data.

The archive looks like this:

⚠️Side note: YES! You get everything! Every comment, bookmark, and clap!

Focus on “Posts” and click on the articles you’re interested in:

⚠️Side note: As you can see there are posts PLUS comments. So you have to do some work here. Better start today, then when you have 1,000 published stories. haha

My tip: Select a story and click on PRINT. Here you can save the post as a PDF:

Final Takeaways

💡Now you know how to make a backup of your posts on Medium.

Once exported, you can republish your posts for instance on your own website and fill your blog with the most successful ones.

Another idea is to republish them on other publishing platforms such as Vocal Media.

The most important thing is that Medium can’t shut the door in your face at any minute anymore.

You’re in control!

**Full Disclosure: No worries. I’ll *never* walk away from Medium until the app makes me! haha**

© Kristina God

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