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How to Pick a Niche When Writing on Medium (Without Feeling Overwhelmed)

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Medium’s new Topic Directory allows you to become a Top Writer in a subtopic you’re passionate about

On YouTube, I was asked, how to find a niche when writing on Medium.

Great question!

To find “your niche” I’d suggest exploring Medium’s new topic page and browse a bit.

There are about 70 more meta tags such as #Relationships or #Mental Health Medium members love the most.

In my Top Writer tutorial video you can learn more about the 70+ top tags:

So pick 1–3 as broader topics you would be interested in writing about.

Then ask yourself:

What specific subtopic you could talk and write about for hours?

In my case, it’s marketing (since I’m a brand manager) and I use my marketing skills to keep people informed about Medium and Substack and show them how to promote their work.

The tags I use most of the time are #Writing and #Marketing but they are very broad.

So my tip would be to be as specific as possible when tagging on Medium so people who are interested in a specific subtopic can find you.

Medium’s new topics directory allows this.

photo credit: screenshot of Explore Topics

You and your story — especially if Boosted — could become a recommended story!

So make sure to tag your niche topic! There are more than 500 categories now. In the past, there used to be around 70 meta tags and people complained they were too broad.

Now you can dive into the 500 categories.

So ask yourself:

What topic do I have the most to say about?

Brainstorm your ideas and pick 1–3 subtopics.

Most importantly…

Create in public, get feedback, and see what you’re really passionate about and what your audience also loves.

Your sweet spot is in the intersection between the (sub) topics you’re passionate about and the topics your audience wants to hear more about.

Most of the time it’s a problem you can solve for them!

Here’s more about Medium’s new topic directory:

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