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How To Pique Interest With Short Form For Your Longer Stories

  • 1 min read

It’s a gateway.

Although Medium’s CEO Tony Stubblebine apparently doesn’t like short-form content, (I guess because Google prefers long-form stories), that’s what I do.

I create short-form content on a daily (!) basis.

Some call me the “Shortform Queen” on Medium because I’ve mastered the art of short-form writing.

You can do a ton in 60 seconds.

A short-form story is a 60-seconds read.

Of course, I can’t put all the details and information in a shorty but it can be so compelling that people click on my long-form story at the bottom.

Almost all my short-form content is just a gateway.

Short form and long form work together.

To me, the 60-sec content is the marketing for my long-form stories.

Don’t disrespect shorts! They are powerful!

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