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How To Pitch Mainstream Publications in 2023

  • 2 min read

Your Medium writing expertise helps you.

This year, one of my goals is to get featured in publications outside of Medium.

It’s great to be featured in Start it up, Better Marketing, and Mind Cafe… but I want more.

There are specific Marketing publications I’m targeting and other more mainstream publications I will pitch this year too.

I know the barriers to mainstream publication entry are high but I want to try it.

I’ve done it for hundreds of clients, brands, and personalities in the past as a consultant, why not for my own Kristina God Inc.?

Recently I shared tips on how to pitch Forbes in 2023. The publications are open for new submissions again and I’d love to see some of you getting published by Forbes.

I mean, why not?

Only if you take action you can see BIG results!

I’m curious. What mainstream publication would you be interested to get published in?

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