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How To Pitch Scary Mommy in 2023

  • 2 min read

Parents, take notes!

Scary Mommy is an online publication that focuses on parenting topics that are relatable, honest, and sometimes humorous.

Pitching a story to Scary Mommy requires research and a unique angle.

If you’re already writing about #Parenting topics on Medium, why not make the plunge and pitch a story to Scary Mommy outside of the Medium universe?

Sounds scary? Doesn’t have to!

Here are some tips to help you pitch your story effectively in 2023

1 — Scary Mommy is looking for first-person pieces and personal essays, as well as reported lifestyle ideas and entertainment pitches.

2 — Browse through the Scary Mommy website and read some of their articles to get a feel for their tone, style, and topics they cover.

3 —When sending your pitch, craft a subject line that is clear, attention-grabbing, and conveys the essence of your story idea.

4 — Use this form to pitch your story.

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