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How To Reach Your First 100 Subscribers on Substack

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This is just a baby step to some, less than a drop in the bucket to many folks maybe— but you can still be proud of yourself.

Want to be surprised, happy, and … amazed maybe?

Growing an email list is the most valuable asset of a writer.

Every follower on Medium or any other social platform is just “borrowed” or “rented”.

The gold standard is subscribers!

That’s why many Medium writers also write on Substack.

Thanks to its recommendation engine you could feel like this after 4 months:

“It seems like I just started writing and I’m already at 100 subscribers, but at the same time, its been 4 months!” Andy McAdams from bite-sozed Ethics on Substack

How did Andy reach 100 subscribers in 4 months?

Andy started his journey without any expectations.

He targeted to publish 2x a month and challenged himself and has published every week.

“I’m proud to have exceeded my goal.”

He has a plan to be able to sustain this publishing cadence and keep growing.

This is just a baby step, less than a drop in the bucket to many folks on here — but I’m still proud. Now, second star to the right, and straight on ’til morning. Cheers!

Surprise: Any questions about Substack? I’ll soon interview a spokesperson from Medium. Ask your questions in the comments!

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