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How To Refer A Friend Through The Medium App Although Medium Doesn’t Allow It

  • 3 min read

This simple code snippet makes all the difference.

I don’t understand why Medium makes the referral membership program inaccessible to people who read on Medium apps.

You had no idea?

Well, unfortunately, that’s the harsh truth I shared a few days ago.

As Judy Walker stated:

Ugh. Shaking my head over here.

What’s the point of this?

Did you know that some corporations add bugs to their software on purpose?

So users have to pay for a subscription that provides updates where these bugs are fixed.

Several weeks ago, I asked Medium whether it’s a bug that people can’t become my referrals with the apps.

Here’s the shocking news:

Right now, readers can access your referral page through web-based browsers.

It is not available via mobile apps.

Medium’s Support via email

It’s not a bug.

It’s a feature.😅

In fact, you can click on any link but not on the membership link!

My idea is that Medium wants to attract new paying members via our (viral) stories but…

Once they click on the referral link they can’t become a referred member… but they bounce back to our profile page. Then Medium asks them to join via their link.

This means:

  • No recurring income for us.
  • More money and members for the company.

50% of Medium’s readers are mobile users.

For me, reading via my smartphone is more convenient than on my desktop.

Imagine how many new members you may have actively referred already who couldn't become your referred members.

How to fix this issue?

My friend Kimberlee asked me:

Can it be done with code? ((FYI I’m not a coder)).


in case you’re able to write some code yourself or you have a developer friend, tell this friend to create…

  • a blank HTML page
  • add this little JavaScript snippet:

Publish this HTML document to your server.

Hint: It may be necessary to provide a certificate for your domain.

Click here to see it in action from your Medium app (if you’re NOT a member YET)!

It’s SO simple and so good, isn’t it? 😅

👉🏻Special thanks to my developer friend Patrick God!

© Kristina God

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