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How To Shake Off Creative Paralysis In 3 Easy Steps

  • 2 min read

I know a lot of creators who are struggling with it.

Have you ever felt stuck although you had the urge to create something?

That’s the so-called creative paralysis.

Here are 3 easy ways to overcome creative paralysis

# 3 — Seek inspiration in things without a vanity metric (claps, followers)

Scrolling through social media for inspiration can make you feel depressed.

The moment you realize seeking inspiration on Instagram, TikTok, or Medium is killing your creativity, stop it.

Go out for a walk or meet some friends instead.

# 2 — Embrace the beauty of imperfection

Not everything you put out has to be perfect. Perfect is a lie.

#1 — Stop overconsuming help articles

Seeking outside help before you do the internal work will leave you even more creatively paralyzed.

If you’re struggling with creative paralysis on and off utilizing these 3 ways will help you shake it off.


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