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How To Stand Out As A New Writer On Medium (Even If You Have No Reputation Yet)

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Get to know the three pillars of clear and concise branding.

Oftentimes new writers feel overwhelmed.

They don’t know where to start on

As an experienced Medium Top writer who has been writing for about two years on this platform, my #1 tip is to find a focus.

Along my Medium writing journey, I’ve learned some great tips and tricks which I want to share with you today so that you can become a successful Medium writer yourself.

If you start a Medium blog from scratch and want to build it up, this is for you.

Keep in mind Medium is super competitive

First of all, let’s start with the foundation of any serious business: your mindset.

Your mindset is the differentiator and will decide whether you’ll win or fail.

You need to know that Medium is super competitive! That’s why you need to absorb as many tips and tricks in the beginning as possible.

Medium’s new CEO Tony Stubblebine recently shared in an interview with Silicon Valley reporter Casey Newton that the competition on Medium is getting tougher.

“Our partners are more in competition with each other. Each new author comes in and they’re splitting the same pie.”

Keep this in mind when writing on

Narrow your focus to gain traction

So what’s really important is to stand out from the crowd, dear new writer.

Let me take you through one of the basic strategies to be successful on Medium: focus.

Instead of chopping and changing your topic ideas (and not gaining much traction) narrow your focus BEFORE your start pumping out content.

I don’t tell you you have to have a niche BUT if you want to gain traction, win more followers and grow, niching down is super smart and brave.

The most successful Medium writers on this platform write about one or two specific topics and not about everything that comes into their minds.

Clear and concise branding and content are powerful

Medium is like a mall.

People browse through the mall and… go into a shop and find your brand.

To make yourself stand out from the crowd you have to think about your branding.

Branding means creating a distinct identity.

In other words, people know exactly what to expect from your brand (even if you have no reputation).

The three pillars of your branding as a new writer are:

1 — Content

First of all, ask yourself:

“What type of content do I want to make on a constant basis?”

Create very specific content about one or two topics. This content needs to add value to the lives of your audience.

Who’s your audience?

Ask yourself this question:

“Whom can my content help?”

Other tech geeks? STAHMs? Side hustlers? Parents? Freelancers? Pet lovers?

2 — Bio/About

You need to put all key information in your short bio next to your profile.

Be as specific as you can be. If you’re an expert in the field you want to write about, for instance, a coach, doctor, therapist, business owner, or parent, skydiving instructor, share this!

Example of Top Writer Anne Bonfert with around 140K followers. One of THE female voices on this platform:

Anne Bonfert

Medium also recommends telling potential followers exactly what you’re writing about.


Potential followers don’t know what to expect from you.

Anne Bonfert

They have no clue who you are and move on even if they like your content.

They want to feel safe and know that they gonna get the content they are after.

3 — Avatar and banner

Make sure to show your face to build a stronger connection with your audience.

Anne Bonfert

You can also use the banner to add more information about you or create a unique experience by sharing a picture from one of your travels when you want to write about travel.

Bottom Line

It’s a brave thing to be specific.

This way people know exactly what to expect from you.

Having a key theme will definitely help you succeed.

Think about your unique branding and the content you want to produce on a constant basis.

Be as clear and concise as you can be.

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