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How To Stay Ahead Of Any Google Algorithm Update In 2023

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Google’s algorithm updates are part of their ongoing journey to improve the user search experience—here’s how to stay on top of what they’re doing.

Google’s helpful content update disrupted the everyday content marketing efforts of many bloggers and content creators.

A lot of creators weren’t prepared for this update and very quickly saw their websites lose position.

I also used to not follow Google updates that much but as a marketing consultant who turned into a product manager, I had to stay on top of Google’s algorithm changes.


To have enough time to mentally prepare my clients and my team for the big core algorithm changes and to tweak our SEO strategy if necessary to not lose or to improve our position.

Here’s how you can stay ahead of Google’s algorithm changes in 2023:

#1 — Learn the Google Mindset

First of all, you need to understand that Google’s algorithm isn’t an easy-to-understand system you can *learn*.

It’s always a work in progress. The algorithm is fluid.

As a marketing consultant for an international agency, I learned from a Google executive that there are over 200 (!) components that factor into Google’s algorithm.

To mention only a few, Google factors URL length, Linking, Domain Age, Direct Traffic, or Keywords in Subdomains.

Keep this in mind when you feel overwhelmed and frustrated:

“All is flux, nothing stands still” — Heraclitus

#2— Check top-tier media to stay ahead of other marketers

On a regular basis, you should check out top-tier blogs which are among the best blogs for analysis knowledge on search engines.

To know what’s happening, I frequently check:

Search Engine Land (SEL)

They publish about 135 posts with fresh content per month.

Search Engine Journal

This blog provides you with fresh updates on all things related to SEO but also to content marketing in general.

Search Engine Roundtable (SEJ)

This SEO news website publishes 5–6 posts per day.

#3 — Let Google Alerts work for you

You can’t track every single update on your own by reading the news in relevant media.

But you can also be smart and let Google Alerts do the work for you, monitor the web, and alert you whenever algorithm updates are mentioned online.

I simply set up a Google Alert which allows me to keep track of Google’s updates.

Google Alerts

How to set up Google alerts:

Final Takeaways

Google’s algorithm updates are part of their ongoing journey to improve the user search experience.

The ultimate aim is to show users the sites that they want to see and will love.

Google wants to weed out the bad apples from the good ones so that the search results are nearest to the user’s search intent and provide the most helpful information.

Creating user-friendly, long form, quality content is now more important than ever to be prepared for whatever Google will throw your way in 2023.

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