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How to Train Medium’s Algorithm to Show You Exactly What You Want to Read

  • 1 min read

There are three super easy tricks to improve your reading experience.

If you’re annoyed about your feed and don’t see what you want to see, there are three ways to *train* Medium’s algorithm to show you the stories you want to see.


That’s super easy.

1 — Show less like this

The “show less like this” button simply lets Medium’s recommendations algorithm know not to send you stories like the one you’re seeing.

It’s based more on subject matter, not the author.

2 — Mute

If there’s a particular author you don’t want to see, you can click the 3-dot menu next to the show less like this button and mute the author or publication.

3 — Refine your recommendations

You can go into your recommendations and delete your reading history to restart your reading journey.

These simple three tricks will help you improve your Medium reading experience 10x!

Do you have more tips and tricks on how to *train* Medium’s algorithm?


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